Medical Office Mid-Project Consultation

Consult with a professional designer experienced in the healthcare field: it may help you overcome the many decisions and help you get through the difficult part of construction disruption .

Physical space has been proven to positively influence healing. People feel better in an organized and aesthetically pleasing atmosphere, which alleviates stress and anxiety. Traffic flow, adjacencies, and furnishings are crucial in the layout of a medical office or health care facility, and medical staff has more ownership and pride when their work space is well-designed and outfitted, and conducive to their work patterns.

Are you comfortable with the layout? Do you have questions? I can review and interpret your architectural and design plans and drawings.

I can calmly assist you to look at the whole design, understand the various viewpoints. I will assist you to clarify, get over a hurdle, disagreement or misunderstanding.

Talk to me - my only goal is to help your project move forward! My attention is all yours for the time we spend together.

This will not be an architectural or engineering fix. I will assist you as a trusted adviser; an experienced professional working in the medical office design and renovation field for over 30 years!

PLEASE SCHEDULE A DISCOVERY CALL PRIOR TO PURCHASE for a short conversation to confirm this is a good fit.

Follow these simple steps to Book your Consultation:

1.Purchase this package.

2. Complete the questionnaire at left. Upload any relevant pictures and/or videos of the space, PDF drawings or other items you would like to discuss.

3. Gather any additional thoughts about this project so we can review them together. Feel free to include colleagues at our consultation - please provide names and function before our meeting.

This package is for a Finite 2 hour consultation to review your issues and get over a bump in the process. Please note that there is time spent in review of documents and information you send prior to the consultation. I will reach out to you to schedule an appointment after I have reviewed the information you send.

Additional time may be purchased once we understand the extent of needed service.