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The Ultimate KIDS & TEENS good homework spaces shopping list!

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All that Zooming and Sitting and Paying Attention is hard!

Your kids need a good work space as well.

  • All those hours in front of their school zoom….Or homework space after zoom is done!

  • It needs to be Functional, Ergonomic and Aesthetically Pleasing!

  • It needs to make them feel good and want to be in the space.

Sit-stand desks give them a bit of freedom to control their space and helps the most fidgety amongst us!

Let's boost their desire to study.

Included is a simple list of school/ work items for small spaces. You can purchase them all on your own from online retailers.

Should you need more personalized assistance with regards to space planning, please purchase a "More help please! " consultation after this free purchase. This will give you tools for you to measure your space and my assistance in assuring the space works correctly.

Follow these simple steps to get the study space options:

1. Purchase this FREE package.

2. Next, set up your secure account in MyDoma (online platform to easily manage your shopping experience) and create your own Studio. Once completed, you will have access to all of the tools necessary to start shopping. Your styled items, conveniently ready for purchase, are listed with direct links on the Proposal.

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