Contemporary Kitchen Experience  by PVZ Design

Another Set of EYES on your Kitchen Design!

$750.00 USD

Are you almost decided? Would you like another set of designer eyes to check your design? I will take a look at your plans and identify any issues that may save you money or function.

I can help! Experienced design assistance in times of uncertainty, overwhelm and just a little bit of help.

Follow these simple steps to Book your Consultation:

1. Purchase this package.  

2. Complete the questionnaire.

3. Upload any relevant pictures and/or videos of the space, PDF drawings or other items you would like to discuss.

4. Gather any additional thoughts about this project so we can review them together. Feel free to include your partner at our consultation - please provide their name before our meeting..

This package is a Finite 2 hour consultation to review your project and your design goals. I am not looking to continue the project with you - only to assist you with any concerns.

We will schedule the consultation after I have reviewed everything you send me after purchase. Additional time may be purchased once we understand the extent of needed service.

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